lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

The very hungry caterpillar

With this book we can worrk with so many different vocabulary, as you can see in the word families chart I have created.

Then, I have some activities to do in smartboard

Word level:

Sentence level:

Text level:

The drop goes plop

This is a book about the water cycle.

One activity of the water cycle in which they have to complete the process:

This activity is called OWL ( observe, wonder, learn )

I spy an alphabet in art

This is a book in whic children have to find something begining with some soecific letter in some pictures, drawings, arts...

This is the process to follow:

Fat cat on a mat

This is a story for year 1 with CVC syllables mostly so it is easy.

Here I have some targets with activities

Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Segmenting and blending

This is a phonics board that every children should have to learn phonics better. Its so simple and they can make it with card board or goma eva. This board will help them to practice and develop an awareness of sounds and this also help the to segment and blend word easily. 

Some activities to work in the smart board to develop children's phonemic awareness:

Blending slide:

Phoneme puzzle:

Phonem board with visual supoort:

Initial and final sounds

Here we have two activities to work with beggining or ending sounds.

In this activity called "I go shopping" the have to put in each bag the words depending if they have s,p or c as an initial or final sound.

In this one, called "I spy" children have to pay attention to the things the teacher say. For example, the teacher says: " I spy with my little eye...something beggining/ending with... And the children have to find the words with the sound.

Word and syllable recognition

Here I have some activities to work with word recognition and syllable recognition.
The first one is about compound words: rainbow, lipstick, teaspoon...

Then, this is an activity called "clapping words" in which children have to clap each syllable of a word. 
This activity develops syllable recognition.